The One : God Of The Heavens And The Earth.

  1. Say: He is Allah Who is One.

For He the God of the heavens and the earth is one, He alone is God I.e one deity. He shares not His dominion with anyone.

  1. “Allah the eternal refuge,”

Allah the everlasting deity whom is always there and lives on.

  1. “He neither begets nor is born,”

He doesn’t bear offspring nor was He produced.

  1. Nor is there to Him any equivalent.

And about Allah there’s nothing that is equal to Him not on earth nor the heaven.

(Suratul Ikhlaas Q112)


Purpose of Islam : Reply to Islam versus Inherited Culture-Based Religiosity, Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, New Age Islam

Im with you on the fact that muslims need to know the purpose of their religion. In my study, i found a purpose of worship that islam is about which is not something that has been kept hidden, but rather has not been mentioned in this light in the quran or by rasulullah because it is a matter destined to be unravelled in the time ordained.

Those who know, will pick this points and put them together and realise Allah is teaching, directing or better still spiritually warming up the muslims/ummah/mankind on establishing the way that is chosen for mankind, a model, ‘the way of Abraham’ (physical and spiritual islam) from the time of rasulullah, it is difficult or impossible to find any other who surrendered to Allah in faith and certainty, uprightness in the way Abraham was since after the Last prophet Muhammad(saw), one of whose son is Muhammad(saw) because of His nearness in claim to Abraham for that was the foundation upon which islam has been built upon, Abrahams legacy. Note Allahs ordinance to mankind for those destined to unravel it and put them together and act upon it from the piecies of facts they are guided to successfully put together in the course of studyin the Quran, tawhid, legacy of Muhammad(saw) and what islam is built upon to have criterion for reviving islam as the need demands. Few of this are mentioned regarding the guidiance of Allah and what He may bestow of knowledge to whom He will.

* Every Salat, we face the Qiblah, thesame direction, meaning we all are following thesame lead, wherever,whenever. However this lead, is the one Muhammad(saw) follows, also his ancestors, jacob, Joseph, etc, the kaba. A sanctuary builty as a duty for one appointed as the Leader muslims/believers/ rigteous progeny of mankind after him, for He was the first to fulfil the task of being muslim, one who submits to Allah. The Qiblah as appointed in the first place is to identify those who follow Muhammad(saw) and muhammad his leading on the way of Abraham. So a vital element in ordinance of a muslim is calling and directing with a mute voice ’emulate the way of Abraham. The way of Abraham was uprightness, one God Himself took as friend. He is the first ever known to lay the stone of submission. Our ancestor who fulfilled the criterion of rigteousness and may be said to be first of Adams right, the one who geneticly and actively fulfilled Gods trials as the bedrock for Adams(mankind) descent from paradise to atone for His sins i.e first of all men to be righteous as such and He was made leader of mankind and he was commanded to build the kaba, a duty from him to Allah for been ‘Abraham, the first to fulfill Allahs commandments, a muslim’. However His character was upright, he was blessed in this world and in the hereafter he is among the righteous. He is been followed by all descendants of Him(muslim) because He was their father, original example of islam that Allah recommends. So that muslims/mankind will have a leader/reference from amongst themselves. One who has best claim to him(Abraham) is the one who follows him and follow Muhammad(saw) and those who are most like them. The Qiblah is not a stature is a figure of speech, that means ‘Rememeber the Foundation of Islam’ which are basically mentioned by Allah in the Quran in a number of surahs.

2. When sitting down in sujud during tayyat Abraham is mentioned relevantly just as Muhammad is mentioned. That marks how Allah praises Abraham, and He calls the muslims who study the Quran, wherin sufficient description of His conduct is therein that the mumin may know that which will lead to Allahs pleasure, good in this world and the hereafter. This is so from the memorials in pilgrimage. So the sunnah of rasulullah, the scholars and Quran can be witnesses to the fact that Abraham is the Reference for mankind.

*Pilgrimage, from tawaf(that may be according to the bible the moment Abraham finished a task and put 7 sheeps against each other as witnesses), to safa and marwa where his wifes plight and ordeal were made memorials for the visitors as lesson to those who may hearken. And many other memorials regarding pilgrimage Allah(swt) directs to and all the purpose is that Abrahams foundation is a station of safety for ummah. That is islam will be always RELEARNED or REVIVED on the foundations of Abraham, which can be found in the Quran. Abraham is the character, the persona tha the muslims should revive that the inspiration from Quran and sunnah about reviving islam.

From this revival the muslims will refer to Abraham and learn to Obey and fulfill commands in Quran and follow best of rasulullahs message and will learn the uprightness that will build dignity in the ummah in fulfilling all their obligations and in been examples for mankind in a way that draws them nearer to Allah(swt).

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Facts About Surat Al-Kahf And Trials Of Our Time.

Ever wondered why Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked us to recite Surat Al-Kahf every Friday?
This surah has four stories in it, having some morals, lets see them and understand what they are saying to us:
1) The people of the cave
It’s the story of young men who lived in a disbelieving town, so they decided to migrate for the sake of Allah and run away. Allah rewards them with mercy in the cave and protection from the sun – they woke up and found the entire village believers.
Moral: trial of faith
2) The owner of two gardens
A story of a man whom Allah blessed with two beautiful gardens, but the man forgot to thank the one who blessed him with everything and he even dared to doubt Allah regarding the afterlife. So his garden was destroyed – he regretted ,but was too late and his regret did not bene?t him.
Moral: trial of wealth
3) Musa(as) and Khidr(as)
When musa(as) was asked-“who’s the most knowledgeable of the people of earth?”” Musa(as) said: me…,but Allah revealed to him that there’s someone who knows more than him. Musa(as) traveled to the man and learned how the divine wisdom can sometimes be hidden in matters which we perceive as bad.
Moral: trial of knowledge
4) Dhul-qarnayn
It’s a story of the great king that was given knowledge and power and was going around the world,helping people and spreading all that’s good. He was able to overcome the problem of Yajooj-Majooj and build a massive dam with the help of people whom he could not even understand.
Moral: trial of power
In the middle of the surah Allah mentions iblees as the one who stirs these trials:
Behold! we said to the angels “bow down to adam”: they bowed down except iblis. he was one of the jinns, and he broke the command of his lord. will ye then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than me? and they are enemies to you! evil would be the exchange for the wrongdoers!
Now let us see what’s the relationship between surat al-kahf and the dajjal (anti-christ)?
Dajjal will appear before day of judgement with the 4 trials:
A) He’ll ask people to worship him and not Allah: trial of faith.
B) He’ll be given powers to start/stop rain and tempt people with his wealth: trial of with his wealth.
C) He’ll trial people with the “knowledge” and news he gives them: trial of knowledge.
D) He’ll control huge parts of the earth: trial of power.
How to survive these trials? The answers are in Surat Al-Kahf:
Survival kit 1: Good companionship
“and keep thy soul content with those who call on their lord morning and evening, seeking his face; and let not thine eyes pass beyond them, seeking the pomp and glitter of this life; no obey any whose heart we have permitted to neglect the remembrance of us, one who follows his own desires, whose case has gone beyond all bounds.” (Surat al-kahf, verse 28)
Survival kit 2: Knowing the truth of this world
“set forth to them the similitude of the life of this world: it is like the rain which we send down from the skies: the earth’s vegetation absorbs it, but soon it becomes dry stubble, which the winds do scatter: it is (only) Allah who prevails over all things” (Surat al-kahf, verse 45)
Survival kit 3: Humbleness.
[Moses] said, “You will find me, if Allah wills, patient, and I will not disobey you in [any] order.” (Surat al-kahf, verse 69)
Survival kit 4: Sincerity.
“say: “i am but a man like yourselves, (but) the inspiration has come to me, that your Allah is one Allah whoever expects to meet his lord, let him work righteousness, and, in the worship of his lord, admit no one as partner.” (Surat al- kahf, verse 110)
Survival kit 5: Calling to Allah.
“and recite (and teach) what has been revealed to thee of the book of thy lord: none can change his words, and none wilt thou ? and as a refuge other than him.” (surat al-kahf, verse 27)
Survival kit 6: Remembering the Hereafter.
“ one day we shall remove the mountains, and thou wilt see the earth as a level stretch, and we shall gather them, all together, nor shall we leave out any one of them. and they will be marshalled before thy lord in ranks, (with the announcement), “now have ye come to us (bare) as we created you ?rst: aye, ye thought we shall not ful?l the appointment made to you to meet (us)!”: and the book (of deeds) will be placed (before you); and thou wilt see the sinful in great terror because of what is (recorded) therein; they will say, “ah! woe to us! what a book is this! it leaves out nothing small or great,but takes account thereof !” they will ?nd all that they did, placed before them: and not one will thy lord treat with injustice.” (surat al-kahf, verses 47-49)

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Remembering God : Solution To Current Situations.

Remembrance of Allah as some may not be aware is the replaying of the message Allah has revealed in the Quran with the intent of sincerely and enthusiastically gaining guidiance and wisdom therein. This is different from tajweed or wholly recitation of the Quran without understanding or resonating the meanings of the respective verses to the hearts of the reciter or listeners. Though the recitation of the Quran is essential too, one is required not to undermine the priority of listening to message of the Quran, direct listening to the word-meanings of the quranic verses in your dialect or understanding as it increases and sheds light on the life Allah directs, the best examples for mankind to follow, His ordinance and what awaits in the next life. In other words remembering Allah by studying listening to His message from time to time, makes life clearer and improves our knowledge and understanding through respective wisdom of verses therein. Allah says

“Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and establish Regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do.” Q(29:45)

Remembrance of Allah is important for prosperity in life under normal conditions for muslim or non-muslims, especially for non-muslims. Since the average muslim harbours a thought about Allah atleast five times a day, he’s is to strive and raise his status to prosper in life and after life. Thus, guidiance on the wise way to approach life and the hereafter are contained in the Quran through searching and regular remembrance of the divine and highly dignified components of Allahs message, sent purposely to guide and elevate the plight of mankind in this life and towards the next life. Allah says

“But whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment.”(Q20:124)

However, the remembrance of Allah is vital to mankind, if humanity is influenced like it is today, So much that there is little or no tangible awareness of God in the trends of thought of the forerunners, that is the elites, celebrities,etc surely such generation will run into problems, for they will lose grip and will not prosper . Allah says

And be ye not like those who forgot Allah; and He made them forget their souls! such are the rebellious transgressors! (Q59:19)

The world is in limbo today for several reasons which could be traced to the failure of the world to let itself be led by the right influences and trends such as those that spring through remembrance of Allah.
For example the laws and fields of endeavors that go against the ordinance of Allah are the priorities that lead the world today. This are agents that cause chaos and crisis in the world. From the economic recession, wars in Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, Thailand, Sudan, Asian disputes and so many problems. Allah says

“That We might try them by that (means) but if any turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, He will cause him to undergo a severe Penalty.” (Q72:17)

The world may put the blame against one party or the other whenever crisis erupts. But the crust of the matter isnt the parties causing the problem rather the source of the problem, which the righteous could avoid with ease if they follow Allahs ordinance, he will guide them. Allah says

“O ye who believe! when ye meet a force be firm and call Allah in remembrance much (and often); that ye may prosper.”(Q8:45)

Prosperity in whatsoever scale that is sought with remembrance of Allah, hearts will find rest. Allah says

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” (Q13:28)

Life After Death : Why You Must Be There!

The phenomenon of life and death is like the case of day and night in the hands of the beholders. Day and night is witnessed by the living, so it is clear that after evening when its past dawn, when the sun rises, a new day begins. We expect the sun to rise again after every after passes, considering we are alive. Because we are witnesses of the phenomenon, we watch it happen routinely, though we didnt create it. But we posses a knowledge that the sun will rise again after the night. This is even more a common fact now with all the technology and our outer space presence.
Thats about ‘day and night’ which is in our sight. What about life after death, how do we know we will live again after our death, who possesses the firm knowledge with utmost certainty? The one who lives outside the living or dead, God, whom we were created to worship, not to benefit Him, but to be tested if we are worthy of His greater blessings in that He gave us the first life. The greatest test, the most important part of our being created, are we goin to grow false wings and rebel against Him unseen, though He has put us into existence or are we going to be grateful to Him for the fact alone that He gave us an inspiration of Who He is and what awaits us afterlife. Either way, He is the beholder of the transitory phenomenon of life and death. He knows what happens when the body dies, He gave life to the body in the first place, which He makes known, to whoever wills to pass the trials of life, whether to believe in Him unseen or to rebel against Him despite the facts. Allah says

“How can ye reject the faith in Allah? Seeing that ye were without life, and He gave you life; then will He cause you to die, and will again bring you to life; and again to Him will ye return.” Baqarah (Q2:28)

Life after death is a certainty to mankind from God, that is the purpose of life, to return to Him. What use is a creation that is allowed to do their will, who are currupted by evil doers who extend their claws on the weak. There would be no justice from the part of the creator, if He created others to be superior than others for no reason other than birth conditions. Verily this first life is a trial, and judgement awaits all creation for all it has done for or against his soul in the book of God, who has a recorder assigned to each of His creation, whatever He does is noticed and recorded, an evidence on the day of Judgement. Imagine engineers can put recorders in outer space, though cant create what is as original as a created being, then beware that your Lord has recorders(angels) set for each and everything done by each creature whose register are with the respective angels.

In our experience with time, every new day has no power of its own, day passes into night, thats how a day dies. In a fresh day, morning, time possess no knowledge of its own wether if the sun goes down, he will enter another realm(night), but we know it must live through the night before a new day. Similarly man has no experience of life after death, God is the self-subsisting between the living and the dead. He knows what will happen after death, its not the end, like im out of existence, but rather its a new life, like energy is not destroyed but is converted into another form of energy, thesame way life doesnt just disappear it enters a new world. This is so because God has sent messengers to inform us, so we dont come without acolades, good deeds, for that is the richness of the next life. Allah said

“What is with you must vanish: what is with Allah will endure. And We will certainly bestow, on those who patiently persevere their reward according to the best of their actions.
Whoever works righteousness, man or woman and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a life that is good and pure, and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions.”

Being too busy dealing with matters of life forgetting what lies ahead in the court of God and just live the life one desires or is subjected to, against the laws of God, is irresponsible of a soul that seeks a good place in heaven or the next life as it is in reality. The matter is what one is called to abide by is the best policy of lifestyle on earth for those who dont practice their religion extremely, too lightly or following socalled organisers of religion or those who exercise overdue measures about the religion of God and make it diffcult for others. Allah says

“Lost indeed are they who treat it as a falsehood that they must meet Allah,― until on a sudden the hour is on them, and they say: “Ah! woe unto us that we took no thought of it”; for they bear their burdens on their backs; and evil indeed are the burdens that they bear!.
What is the life of this world but play and amusement? But best is the Home in the Hereafter, for those who are righteous. Will ye not then understand?” (Q16:96-97)

Predestination : Looking For Prosperity.

Predestination as some may allude to be, is not the consequence of the decision by God to either be favourable or unfavourable to a persons state of being. But, is the consequence of the total sum of decisions taken by such person at each point of his life that led him to the destination he reach. After Regarding to such actions Allah said :

“For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: they guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him any to protect.” Ar-rad (Q13:11)

Because man has been given free will in life to chose what destiny he may tread, the straight path Allah guides to or the stray path of rebellion, the crooked path of disbelief that evil whisperers call to. The straight path is clear and has duties expected of those who will to such as sincerity in faith. This adds to characteristics that leads to prosperity in living or working towards a fulfilling destination. However keeps you on a straight destiny that is projected towards that certain destination, wherein is great bliss and is the greatest triumph targeted. For such who chose to be guided unto the right path whose desire is to reach the ‘greatest triumph’ which is paradise(jannah), to be in the presence of the one who knows has power over destinies, to follow a unique path that is defined and objective, a destination that has a guide(quran) which is not crooked but rather straightforward unlike the path of disbelief, that is crooked and uncertain to even those who chose it. Allah sets a similitude of those who tread the uncertain destiny of disbelief.

“Allah sets forth a parable: a city enjoying security and quiet, abundantly supplied with sustenance from every place: yet was it ungrateful for the favours of Allah: so Allah made it taste of hunger and terror (in extremes) (closing in on it) like a garment (from every side), because of the (evil) which (its people) wrought.” An-Nahl (Q16:112)

the fact that Allah is the knower of destinies, all including those that have gone by from Noah’s time, generations that have been destroyed. And also He is the beholder of the records of the sins and all actions of His slaves(creation), Allah said :

“How many generations have We destroyed after Noah? And enough is thy Lord to note and see the sins of His servants.
If any do wish for the transitory things (of this life), We readily grant them–such things as We will, to such persons as We will: in the end have We provided Hell for them: they will burn therein, disgraced and rejected.
Those who do wish for the (things of) the Hereafter, and strive therefor with all due striving, and have Faith― they are the ones whose striving is acceptable (to Allah).
Of the bounties of thy Lord We bestow freely on all these as well as those: the bounties of thy Lord are not closed (to anyone). Al-Isra (Q17:18-20)

Moreover, predestination has to do with the knowledge and might of Allah(God) to see visible and invisible future of His creation. Its like creating a universe and setting a measure of existence that has been determined during its design or creation. Lets take for example the China rover that just landed on the moon(between late 2013 and early 2014), which is not visible as much as it may have been desired or even any tangible meachanism that may reveal what may happen next, is happening now or has happened. But all dat was been designed right before the rover left earth, a copy has been designed that contains a record of activites that are yet to occur graphically and those that have already occured. Thats a little illustration of the replication of the might of God from knowledge He shows us of Himself in the Quran. Everything, from the minute details to the major events, they are all in a file in Allahs presence, unlike the moon rover that has already the best possible details based on technology available about its mission, Allah has every detail of His creation before it happens. This Allah(swt) said :

“No misfortune can happen on earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree before We bring it into existence: that is truly easy for Allah:
In order that ye may not despair over matters that pass you by, nor exult over favours bestowed upon you. For Allah loveth not any vainglorious boaster―
Such persons as are covetous and commend covetousness to men. And if any turn back (from Allah’s Way) verily Allah is free of all needs, Worthy of all praise.” Al-Hadid (Q57:22-24)

Predestination is however a path that we chose but the One who showed the paths surely knows about destinies, the Quran, from the Lord of all destinations. Allah said :

“We showed him the Way: whether he be grateful or ungrateful (rests on his will).” Al-insan (Q76:3)

The Measure Of Natural Balance : Religious Justification.

Justice is the phenomenon of balance and stability in a niche on the basis of its natural disposition in order to maintain equilibrium in such area. Allah says :

“And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the balance (of Justice),
In order that ye may not transgress (due) balance.
So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.” Ar-rahman (Q55:7-9)

All entities basically have a measure, a measure that defines its balance, if its deficient such body may fail of its expectance. This is true in the society, for which if law and order is not put in place, it will run into chaos and instability. Similarly, in Chemistry if reactions between elements are not stable or justified, it wouldnt yield a functional solution.
From surah Ar-rahman verses 7-9 mentioned above, which Allah(swt) said that the the firmaments have been raised to a certain measure which is its equilibrium, that determines its stay, such is the ozone layer, which will remain as it is unless man disrupts its balance by way of pollutants and other negative activities that destroys the firmament.

Allah reveals that :

“Surely We have created everything according to a measure.” Al-Qamar (54:49)

this verse enshrouds the fact that everything has been created with a measure, an equilibrium. For which phenomenons and matters obey. This measure determines the state of such matter or phenomenon. For instance, the ecosystem has a measure, an equilibrium mechanism that is collectively obeyed by all things within the ecosystem, by way of obedience to a set of rules that they follow in the case of all other matter and phenomenon except man. Who has been given free will and is the only creature within the ecosystem that is given laws by way of prophets, messengers and respective scriptures. Whether he obeys the laws or not, he is been given the choice to make the right decisions, according to the creator of all the matters and phenomenon that exist within and outside the ecosystem. Which has made man the vicegerent within the ecosystem, and the prominient being among all creatures in the ecosystem. Man for who he is, has over the years taken for granted his freedom in the ecosystem or has been unmindful of his responsibility and laws that he is meant to follow as a prominient higher creature in the ecosystem, which has led to instability in the ecosystem, this is seen in the issues of climate change, surge in natural disasters over the years, accompanying the boom in industrial activites from the beginning of the twentieth century. The change in climatic conditions keep rising and seems to have no end yet. Because of activities of man. But it shouldnt be so, Allah hath set a measure, this measures include balancing the levels of industrial activities and similar actions of man that disrupt the natural measure set by Allah, the natural disposition before the disruptive actions of man. The measure set, that justifies actions according to righteousness from its primary levels. These are all balance and measure cases regarding the ecosystem as a whole. Man’s living has a measure also, for this such measures are the primary factors that determines the compound outlook of social activities of a nation, wether they fall short of the measure or they exceed the measure set by nature, nature been created by Allah. Hence nature and all creatures are obedince to the laws of Allah, who determined their measure and instituted it in them, whichever way He wills. For that all other beings are found to be in obedience of what seems to be known by us as ‘nature’s law. This Allah says :

“He, Whose is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and Who did not take to Himself a son, and Who has no associate in the kingdom, and Who created everything,then ordained for it a measure.” Al-Furqan (Q25:2)

Allah is the one who createth all matter and everything that is in the heavens and the earth, he hath set for each thing a pattern, time, circle of existence, purpose, and objective. Allah says

“And Who makes (things) according to a measure, then guides (them to their goal)” Al-Ala (Q87:3)

The measure Allah has ordained for muslims is what set them apart from other faiths and either of the people of the books, the jews and the christians. The jews are known to have taken their prophet lightly and fell into disbelief. Whilst the Christians took their religion too far by taking Allahs prophet as the begotten son of god or god and inventions such as monasticism which God didnt appoint for them to do, so fell into disbelief. Alas the muslims are guided to the right path, the balance religion. In the perfection of Muhammads Islam, the measure has been set upon,moderacy in worship and modesty in character. Which are few out of unique guidiance, which are clearly depicted in the Quran for whoever obeys and seek guiiance from Allah and is what was seen practiced by Muhammad(pbuh). Islam is sent and perfected for all mankind.